Mili Dueli 2023/24 (en)

Mili Dueli is an international poetry contest that this season brought together an incredible 711 authors from 104 countries around the world! The contest was organized as part of the project of Nermin Delić, who is the creator and organizer. You can find more about Nermin here. The application time for the ninth season of Mili Dueli started on November 6, 2022, and ended on February 6, 2023. From February 13, 2023, the ninth season of Milli Dueli officially begins!

Welcome to Mili Dueli 2023

It is an online competition format where authors monitor the success of their poems from the comfort of their homes. At the same time, they also have the opportunity for social engagement, where Mili Dueli serves as an intermediary for the intercultural dialogue. Considering the great global spread and popularity of Mili Dueli (in more than half of the UN member countries), the previous description of the poetry competition Online Balkan Poetry Contest (which was used in earlier seasons) is changing from this season to International Online Poetry Contest.

The headquarters of the project is the European country ?? Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Jajce Town, which throughout history has been considered a place that unites.

Mili Dueli 2023: 711 authors from 104 countries of the world are participating in the season. The organizer is Dr. Nermin Delic.



I am glad that I was able to conduct the ninth Milli Dueli poetry competition. Although we did not ask for a help of any media for advertising and marketing, the competition managed to attract 711 authors from as many as 104 countries of the world, which reach numerous European records. This not only makes Mili Dueli the largest poetry competition in Southeast Europe, but also one of the largest in the world. I am happy that this has started an era of further internationalization of the contest and its popularization around the world. Today, I officially open the intercultural dialogue of poets from 104 countries of the world! I extend a special welcome to the debutant countries and their authors! Online communication will help us a lot to get to know each other, to exchange the necessary experiences about the culture and traditions of the people, and to better understand the daily challenges that our countries are facing. I repeat every season, artists are the greatest living representative of a country’s cultural treasures, and I am happy to act as a mediator in the intercultural dialogue of artists.We will not participate in geopolitical disputes in such a way that we will offer concrete solutions for political disputes within or between countries. We will build bridges of friendship even where political relations are strained. We will also discuss the problems nations are facing with, in the 23rd year of the 21st century. We are still in the COVID-19 pandemic and wars are still being fought in some countries. Therefore, these are not the happiest times, but the only thing that will be remembered is how willing we were to bring good that will remain after us. Dear poets, don’t forget that life is too short to think only of ourselves. In any case, we will not take anything we have acquired with us – except memories. Let our memories be a memory of peace, of friendships, of the art that we left behind.

This will be a months-long adventure for all our poets! There are five elimination rounds, and from round to round, the number of poets will decrease. This season I promise a lot of euphoria! I tried to bring something new to the competition rules. I promise high-quality literary criticism of the applied poems, like never before!

All participating authors will receive an electronic recognition for their contribution to the intercultural dialogue (if we make a cooperation), and the best ones will receive Plaques and the Milli Dueli trophy.

At the end of the season, collection of our authors’ poems will be published in printed form as a anthology of contemporary world poetry.

Let’s have fun! Let the game begin!


With respect,
Nermin Delic


Nermin Delic