Mili Dueli 2023 – First Round

(February 13 to March 13, 2023)


1.1. Organization

In the First Round, there are 711 authors and their more than 1,400 submitted poems that need to be carefully read and selected. The selection will be made by the organizer of the contest, Nermin Delić. After reading all the poems, he will reduce the list of 711 authors and for the Second Round, he will select the authors and one of their poems each, which will be presented to the jury members and readers on Facebook, social network.

The selection starts on February 13. and lasts until March 13, 2023, by which is the deadline for the Organizer to announce the list of selected authors for the Second Round. During that period, selected poems by foreign authors (authors who do not write in Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian or Serbian languages) will be translated by the Mili Dueli-translation team into one of the listed languages for the Second Round. The leader of the translation team is Anđela Turukalo Dabetić. If the authors have already sent a translated poem, the translation will not be corrected, but will be presented as it was sent.

It would be ideal to present all 711 authors, but my technical capabilities (I work alone) are limited and accordingly, I am obliged to first reduce the number of applicants to the number with which I can achieve quality cooperation. I emphasize in advance that the non-selection does not mean that the poetry and the author are worthless, but that they simply failed to meet my subjective criteria about poetry.

Mili Dueli 2023 – Map of the open intercultural dialogue of artists in the world. Author of the project is Nermin Delic.


1.2. Rules

During the selection, the Organizer is obliged to respect the following rules:
1. Make a selection to the number which should be less than 500 poets. Also, for the Second Round, he is obliged to single out one poem by the selected authors.

2. During the selection, each country must have at least one representative in the Second Round, which means that the authors who were the only ones who sent an application from their country, went directly to the Second Round.


Important notes: All the poems of the First Round will not be presented on any social platform, because it is a large number of applications, which is technically difficult to realize. In the Second Round, the poems will be presented on the Facebook profile/page of Mili Dueli, when the jury members and readers will be able to vote.