Mili Dueli 2019

Semi-finalist Reema Bakose: I had suffered from morbid obesity! (Mili Dueli 2019)

In the next posts, we will meet you with our semi-finalists. We will show you their semi-final’s poem and interview about them and their impressions about Mili Dueli. Also, you will see what they answer on some interesting situations.

Note: Semi-final duels starts in September, 5. We have two semi-finals where we will show 25 authors in each one. So, this is TOP 50 poets in competition where have been presented 545 authors.


Mentor:Icons and illustration of flag of MontenegroAnđela Turukalo 


Fotografija Rêêmã Yöùsîf Bâkôse.



Posebnosti mog postojanja
označene su kao distinkcije:
flekavo stvorenje mi se uvuklo u život
vodeći mi odnose u nove revolucije.

Ja patim od umjetničkog djela:
iskrivljeni scenario po tijelu ispisan.
Umjetnost- koju ljutito mogu promijeniti
ogrebotinom koja ostavlja trag, ponizan.

Ja sam prerušena, umrljana, drugačija koža!
Je li me Bog zabrljao, kao narudžbinu bez značaja?
Stvorio je kip sa jedinstvenim obrubom
i popravio ga darom poremećaja.

Zašto svaka umjetnost ima antagonistu?
Ipak sam imala i druge neprijatelje:
kao divlja životinja, ganjana unutar grudne šupljine,
često osuđena na pretrpljene nevolje.

Osjećam crve prezrivih im pogleda
kako puze kroz osjećanja, zadimljena,
jer- sada- lišena sam mira prijestola,
sa svog mjesta, neočekivano, oduvana.

Osjećam koštanu srž kako brani izvrnutu kožu
i koplja, bačena u srce koje je slonovača.
Uz probadajući vrisak unutrašnjeg djeteta,
upisuju se ožiljci čiji se bol vraća.

Zamišljam svoj odraz u tuđim očima;
a slika se, svaki put, sve više razbija;
dok srce pokazuje umjetnička djela.
Da li ću, jednog dana, biti prihvaćena
kao Čovjek
koji stvara umjetnost- snagom tijela?


To the peculiarity of my existence ,
Labeled ultimately as a difference
A heathery creature called into my subsistence
Tracking my relations into resistance

I suffer from a piece of art
A spotted script written onto my body
An art which I can wrathfully change
By the scratches of my humbling trace

I am a queer skin former ,
Well , Did God mess me as an order ?
Yielding my statue with a unique border
Sorting me as having a gifted disorder

Why every art has some carping enemy ,
Yet I had moreover from archenemy
As a wild animal , chased inside my thoracic cavity
Often Judged into a wrapped tragedy

I can feel the worms of their loath gaze
Crawling into the feelings that gone haze
As now I’m devoid from the peace of my throne
Carried away by an irresolute blown

I can feel the marrow defending my skin that turned a foray
And the lances thrown into my heart that gone ivory
With the scream of the inside tad ,
inscribing scars that renovate continuously

I imagine my reflection onto their eyes
With the image being more broken every time
Revealing the pieces of my heart’s art ..
Would I someday be accepted as a “ human “
That creates art ?.

Name and Surname
Date and the year of birth
Nationality (Write the name of the country whose passport you have in UPPERCASES)
Name of the city where you live (Write in uppercases. If you live in the village, write the name of the city that place belongs to, then the name of the village in brackets)
When did you start writing poetry?
I have started my writings since 5 years ago when I was a bud opening its first leaf .
I had simple feelings written down , then after that , I tried on writing a poem and it continued to this day where i much well developed.
Which elementary school were you attending? Were you a good student?
Alsiyada Al-wataniya school
Yes , I always took full marks on my tests and I was on top of my class .
Which high school have you finished (or which high school are you attending)?
Baghdad college high school for girls
Do you have a college degree? Enter your academic title, if any. If you go to college, write down what year you are on. If you are not going while planning to enroll, enter which colleges you are interested in! *
I’m a fifth year medical student at Baghdad university/college of medicine .
Fotografija Rêêmã Yöùsîf Bâkôse.
Are you employed? If you are: what is your job and where are you working?
No I’m not.
Books you’ve published:
Your poetry awards:
What does poetry mean to you?
A space where my feelings can take the shape of words , where I can be me without shame or judgement .
I mostly import to writing poetry to let go a huge despair or feeling catching me unretained in the crowded memories.
Make a list of your five favourite writers:
Imam al-shafi3i
Mahatma Gandhi
Ahlam mosteghane
Ali najem
Khawla hamdi
How did you hear about our contest, and decided to apply?
From nermin delic on Facebook , I received a message link and I didn’t quite understand it , after asking few questions , I decided to give it a try as I was not very serious about writing poetry especially in English.
What are your experiences with the contest so far? What do you like the most, and what would you change?
I like how the contest made me appreciate my self as a writer and admitting it to the word by a post like a bird has been set free from his cage , mille duels did that for me .
Plus I discovered potentials in me about English poetry.
About changing , nothing is a big problem but maybe showing where the contestants are from especially for audience bot the jury is making a kind of disbelief or racism , so they can be hid for audience if possible .
Who’s your mentor? What’s your opinion about her/him?
Andejela turukalo
Andjela as her name , an angel guiding us in our way to something big .
She’s very cooperative and lovable and she’s trying her best with us regarding the huge number of contestants relying on her .
We need someone who tells us to use a poem or bot to use it , especially foreigners regarding translation alterations of meaning .
Were you expecting to enter the semi-final stage as one of the TOP 50 among 545 people who applied?
Are you expecting to enter the final stage?
Do you expect winning this competition?
Tick the three groups that describe you the most:
motivating others
not afraid to express his/hers opinion
like to spend a lot of time alone
Tick the three groups that describe you the least:
adventurous spirit
risk talking
dedicated to what they do
Are you a hunter or a gatherer?
Well , it depends on the subject but mostly a gatherer.
What is your definition of love?
It is self seclusion for the happiness of others , to prioritize them in everything .
And if I may use this quote :
“Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.” – Marc Hack.
Love is never based by a gaze but by that felt maze created inside you by the knowledge of this person or thing .
If you were a plant- which plant would you be and why?
The Shameplant , its stem is erect in young plants, but becomes creeping or trailing with age.
This describes my changes depending on the situation facedThe leaves are bipinnately compound, with one or two pinnae pairs, The petioles are also prickly.
I look as tough and complex from outside as someone trying to approach me If I won’t like I’ll become prickly.The seeds have hard seed coats which restrict germination and make osmotic pressure and soil acidity less significant hindrances.
As I resist to be influenced by the ongoing social issues , however the got trendy , they still against my morals

the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, defending themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later.
A way of life , I’m always a shy person with lots of caring and defensive attitude .

Somebody gave you an anteater. What are you doing with the gift?
I’ll set it back to a forest or maybe just raise it if a have enough space in my garden with a shell .
Describe the colour yellow to a blind person.
Two sides of one coin :
Either :
Imagine a little girl with her purity and smile , get sick with the haze climbing on that smile .
Or :
Vibrant, like Sun rays hitting your skin .
Tell us something we don’t know about you.
Normal is a word I can’t use to call my life .
I had suffered from morbid obesity as my weight gone too high since I was a baby , i had never been thin . Yet I was not mature enough to decide a no return dieting , as I always did return and failed.
I didn’t realize the ugliness in people and society and had many judgements and spoken insults throughout my years .
I stayed strong and proved it as i did get to medical college , like an obese person getting into medicine , why she doesn’t reduce her weight first ?!
Two years passes and I was still the same or worser till I did realize it’s time to change , I followed multiple programs and aiding methods to achieve my goals .
And now and even since then I am an influence for strength and will .
Make a list of ten things you can do with a pen (except for writing)
Follow a path or words (pointing)
Itch my hair
Raise my hair
Pierce a paper
Highlight a text
Draw a shape
Sort a page inside a-book
Play a game like x/o
Get someone attention by waiving
Scratch a text


More about Semi-final organization:


Mili Dueli 2019: Organization of The Semi-Final (English version)


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