Mili Dueli 2019

Semi-finalist Ivan Gerasimov: Why don’t we do this to make the world for better? (Mili Dueli 2019)

In the next posts, we will meet you with our semi-finalists. We will show you their semi-final’s poem and interview about them and their impressions about Mili Dueli. Also, you will see what they answer on some interesting situations.

Note: Semi-final duels starts in September, 5. We have two semi-finals where we will show 25 authors in each one. So, this is TOP 50 poets in competition where have been presented 545 authors.


Mentor:Icons and illustration of flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaNermin Delić


Fotografija Sofia Ars Net.



Ako uđeš u dupe i sretnete se,
a zatvoreni ste strašno i duboko
ko god se čudi što je tamo stao
sjedio je na dvije stolice.

Sve što tražim je da se raspitaš
da se ne odvraćaš sili crijeva i svarenih leptirića…
Pismo te večeri može donijeti probleme
jer je vidljivo i ima pogubnu veličinu,
a umije biti i dugovremeno.
Koliki li je sram majkama
koje nisu mogle procijeniti
da je brza pošta sporija od njihovih suza?!

Možete tu život promijeniti;
možete ljubavi mijenjati;
sve su to testovi kućanstva
i sramota koja sputava beskičmenjake.
Tu se nagrade zakazuju u terminu beskraja
i ako pratiš sve žene, vidjet ćeš raj;
ostat ćeš pošten i čestit zbog ničega,
zbog nedostatka svjetlosti.



Когато в дупка си и реве ти се жестоко,
когат затънал си страшно и дълбоко,
когат се чудиш какво ти е стана́ло,
сякаш съществото ти изгнило – цяло…
И мъчиш, търсиш, гледаш да се справяш,
но пред изпитания нови се изправяш.
Мислиш ти веч да се отказваш…
веч ти писна воля да показваш.
Писнало ти вече от тоз проблем,
за позор се имаш и то голем,
имаш се за второ качество, утайка,
колко ли срам усеща твойта майка…
Колко ли сбърка́л си не можеш оцениш,
но не бързай, и от друг ъгъл виж…

Може туй живота да ти промени,
може лошото с любов да замени,
може би те тества д́али си достоен –
Вселената изпитва те дали ще си спокоен.
Защото готви ти награда до безкрая,
и след всички мъки ти ще видиш рая,
защот остана почтен и честен в нищетата,
затова светът ще ти поднесе в краката.


Name and Surname
Date and the year of birth
Nationality (Write the name of the country whose passport you have in UPPERCASES)
Name of the city where you live (Write in uppercases. If you live in the village, write the name of the city that place belongs to, then the name of the village in brackets)
When did you start writing poetry?
My first poem was written in 4th grade and was in only 2 verses. Through 12 grade I wrote 3 more poems. However, the big wave of writing began by the end of December 2014. Since then, I have written over 251 poems, 43 stories and 32 epigrams.
Which elementary school were you attending? Were you a good student?
Up to grade 7th, I studied in the village of Bistritsa, very close to Sofia. I was an excellence student with no absences!
Which high school have you finished (or which high school are you attending)?
Grade 8 to 12th, I studied at the Technical School in Sofia, Construction and Architecture specialty in German language.
Do you have a college degree? Enter your academic title, if any. If you go to college, write down what year you are on. If you are not going while planning to enroll, enter which colleges you are interested in! *
After graduating from high school, I became a student at UASEG and only studied 3 out of 5 planned years because I did not like the system of education and after 6 semesters I I quited!
Are you employed? If you are: what is your job and where are you working?
I work as a technical manager of the largest Historic Park in the world built in Bulgaria!
Books you’ve published:
Now I’m working on my first book!
Your poetry awards:
I have no awards by now.
What does poetry mean to you?
Poetry is the mirror of my life! Everything that is written, every stanza, every word, every comma, all of this comes from my heart! I never thought I could write but when I started writing as if someone else was dictating me and as if I was just holding the pen.
Make a list of your five favourite writers:
Ivan Vazov – Bulgaria
Hristo Botev – Bulgaria
Nikola Vaptsarov – Bulgaria
Percy Bysshe Shelley – England
How did you hear about our contest, and decided to apply?
Quite by an accident I checked if there were any poetry competitions. I decided send some of my works, as a joke and now here I’m. Crazy idea, but I’m very glad I did it!
What are your experiences with the contest so far? What do you like the most, and what would you change?
It is absolutely perfect! It is unique! What I like most is the possibility for everyone from all over the world to express oneself! Which is absolutely great, because I don’t know how it’s been so far but this is my first participation! I would love if The finale is in a special place – to be like a gala night – in Bosnia and Herzegovina – I think that way we can unite – all the poets and who knows – WHY DON’T WE DO THIS TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR BETTER!
Who’s your mentor? What’s your opinion about her/him?
Nermin Delić
Without words …. He is an amazing person!
Were you expecting to enter the semi-final stage as one of the TOP 50 among 545 people who applied?
Are you expecting to enter the final stage?
Do you expect winning this competition?
Tick the three groups that describe you the most:
motivating others
always ready for action
Tick the three groups that describe you the least:
talking in front of the audience without problem
risk talking
like to spend a lot of time alone
Are you a hunter or a gatherer?
What is your definition of love?
Complete freedom of the partner
If you were a plant- which plant would you be and why?
Oak wood I am, because they will make large oak beams out of me to keep the roof strong – I will go where I am needed most!
Somebody gave you an anteater. What are you doing with the gift?
I will look after it and it will become part of the family!
Describe the colour yellow to a blind person.
My friend, I know you have been hurt and you cannot see, but I will not stop trying to find a way to show you yellow color! You have had cold days, haven’t you?
– Yes
“But you have had warm and comfortable days, didn’t you?”
– Yes
– When you have a close friend to talk to about life for hours, when you feel your children playing in the yard, when your heart sings …
– Yes
– Well, this is my friend when you feel warmth, happiness, peace, just as the yellow sun rises and gives everyone what they need most – warmth. The warmth by which you feel that someone loves you and makes you feel significant. That is the yellow color, my friend …
– Thank you, Mitko, I have been trying for over 34 years, but now I have just realized what yellow color really is! Thank you!
And Yavor finally understood what the yellow color was and now he has even greater desire for life because finally he realized that he could see everything now …
Fotografija Иван Емилов Герасимов.
Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I have been training football for 11 years, I was a national athlete, I taught children and students in mathematics without paying me for this because I wanted to help! I am a very crazy person who is not afraid to speak out openly and slap people with the truth!
Fotografija Chetina Sadule.
Make a list of ten things you can do with a pen (except for writing)
1 – I can use it as a bridge between two passageways
2 – I can use it when I have to twist a rope and help with it in the process
3 – I can use it as a line
4 – I disassemble it and use it as a shock absorber when assembling or connecting a few elements on a car engine or elsewhere where there is little but constant tension
5 – If there is such a cap or attachment for a notebook, I will use it as a paper clip for the sheet
6 After disassembling it, I will use the base of the pen as a tube to run water through it or other liquid
7 – the thin front part I would use as a funnel, as it should be filled with water or other liquid in a difficult place
8 – I can use it as a coffee stirrer or for thinning the paint before painting or mixing some kind of solution
9 – I can use it as a weapon when needed
10 – I’ll use it as an object to throw at someone when it annoys me
11 – I can use it for measuring or for switching on and off different types of buttons, lamps and others.



More about Semi-final organization:


Mili Dueli 2019: Organization of The Semi-Final (English version)


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