Mili Dueli Online Poetry Contest Mastermind by Nermin Delić
Mili Dueli 2023

Mili Dueli International Poetry Contest 2023

Welcome to Mili Dueli 2023 – International poetry contest!

We are inviting all affirmed and non-affirmed poets from whole the world to participate in the most popular online poetry contest in this part of Europe – called Mili Dueli. Participation is related with promoting poetry and multicultural dialogue between artists all across the planet, especially between Balkans nations. Authors are presented on official Facebook profile and page of Mili Dueli and there, they have opportunity to meet each other, exchange their knowledge and get prizes. During eight seasons we presented more than 2 500 authors from more than 50 countries across the world. If you are so far from Bosnia and Herzegovina, do not worry!  We are very welcome to host you as an author and your country and meet your culture. Our jury is international and we are promoting diversity.
Mili Dueli Online Poetry Contest Mastermind by Nermin Delić
Mili Dueli Online Poetry Contest Mastermind by Nermin Delić
How to apply?

Milli Dueli (eng. Sweet Duels) are international in character, and authors from any part of the world can apply for the competition without age restriction. The only condition for application is that you are the author of the submitting poetry.
Note: Mili Dueli’s participants from the earliar seasons can apply again. The exception is the winners of the previous eight seasons who can no longer participate in the Contest.


You can apply for the competition by completing application form HERE.

There is no fee for participating in the competition!

Prizes and awards

Grand Prize: Plaque + Laureate “Mili Dueli” (“Poet of the Year by Mili Dueli 2023”) – for 1st place
* The award is presented next year, during the summer.

Other awards:
– A plaque for the top ten places won in the finals of the Contest
– Plaque for best placement of authors of any country who participated
– Plaque for the best placement of the Balkans diaspora (Balich Award).
– Al Buqain Award – for the person who, over the course of the season, was most prominent in promoting the international cooperation of writers through the media, in accordance with the mission of the Mili Dueli Project. The award includes a plaque.
– Aga Award – A special recognition in the final, awarded for the most viewed audiovisual performance in honor of the tragically suffering finalist of Mili Dueli 2019, Nermin Aganovic. The award includes a plaque.
– Prize for international cooperation through poetry – each author who is selected to participate in Milli Dueli receives this electronic plaque after we together demonstrate contribution of poetry popularity through social networks during 2023.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 06, 2023During February 2023, the organizer will select the most successful entries and attendees of “Mili Dueli 2020” who will be notified by message on their Facebook profile if they pass the initial classification.

You can follow all the competition details here: and on our official website

About Mili Dueli

Mili Dueli is a project in culture who encourages intercultural dialogue between poets in the Balkans but also worldwide. Its main feature is the online poetry contest of Balkan authors, diaspora authors and foreign poetry authors. The project was founded and inspired by the idea of Nermin Delic, a Bosnian writer.

The poetry contest you are planning to apply for is in online formation. So you can follow everything from the comfort of your home,! Just you should be connected with us through the social network Facebook! Contest is made up of five elimination rounds. The authors submit a new poem to each round they pass. Their poems will be reviewed by an international jury composed of renowned Balkan artists, but also earlier Mili Dueli winners. In addition to the jury, the decision as to who goes into the next rounds is made by our readers who follow us, as well as the authors’ friends. The contest is unique because it gives the jury commentary, guidance and reasoning for their votes; which is not the case in any other regional poetry competition. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for anyone who wants real literary criticism. The project is a great opportunity for young, unconfirmed authors to encourage them, but also for affirmed, older authors, to validate success. The jury only evaluates the poems that the author submits to the competition. Therefore, it is important that you submit your best poems.

In 2018, the most famous business magazine in the world – American Forbes, wrote an article about the Mili Dueli which characterized it as the most popular poetry contest in the Southeastern Europe. The same year, the organizer Nermin Delić was awarded the UNESCO Peace Prize in Japan. In Bosnia and Herzegovina he also was awarded the Genius of the Year Award – Men of the Year Award in the Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2013, the organizer also spent a month in the USA and passed Youth Leadership Program.

With over 2500 applied authors during the last eight seasons we have awarded over 200 authors to our highest literary awards. The previous year, organizer spent over 1400 hours of volunteer work on the project. Also, jury spent over 500 hours of volunteer work on the poetry evaluation. The website visitor count surpassed the figure of 1 000,000,000.  There is no doubt that the Mili Dueli have become a real internet sensation for discovering new talented poets and for stimulating their creativity. It is an unique opportunity to meet other authors and to read some new poetry. Each year, our concept s identical, but the rules from season to season change, for the wish of interaction, interest, euphoria, and maximum objectivity. Everyone who works on Mili Dueli volunteers for free, so we give an extra-time to make our world be better!

All cultural associations through out the Balkans and all the world who would like to cooperate with us, in the form of literary visits, promotional organizations, are welcome to contact us.
We are waiting for you all, because we need diversity to survive!

(Mili Dueli team)



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