Mili Dueli 2023 Vijesti

Mili Dueli 2023 – Announcement of the organizer before the results of the Second Round!

Dear authors,

All the results of the Second Round have been processed. Out of 450 authors, we have TOP 250 authors who will be presented in the Third Round.

The results will be published individually for each duel, purely for technical reasons, and due to the volume of accompanying documentation (279 pages of A4 format in the form of literary reviews and tables with author rankings).

A total of 104 duels were presented, of which 52 had only one author. These are the authors who are the only ones registered from their own country. For them, this round was not eliminatory. However, they received literary criticism and ratings on the poems they submitted and we will make it be public. All that experience will be also very important for them later, in the Third Round, which represents the preparation of the poem for the Semi-Finals (Fourth Round) and Finals (Fifth Round).

Authors coming from countries with multiple participants also received evaluations by a four-member jury and readers, according to the Rules. At the end of the Third Round, all 104 participating countries will have their national winners and representatives at the largest poetry fair in this part of the world.

Expect the results every next day, according to the order in which the duels were presented! Along with the results, all authors who passed the Third Round will (immediately after the publication of the results) receive a private message on the Facebook social network from the Organizer about the further course of the poetry competition. We thank the authors who did not make it to the Third Round, and they will receive their e-Awards for intercultural cooperation through art at the end of the season!

Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina,


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