Mili Dueli 2023 Poezija

Ali Jafaroglu – More, želim postati (Mili Dueli 2023 – Grand Final)

Name and surname:
Ali Jafaroglu
Poem for the 4th and 5th round (Final / Grand Final): (TRANSLATION INTO MONTENEGRIN + YOUR NATIVE / ENGLISH LANGUAGE )
More, želim postati

Brod plovi – prolazi kroz talase, leži na mirnim talasima.
Brod plovi – uranja u uzdignute talase, žuri nevidljivim talasima.
Želim postati more, – da bih posmatrao brodove…
Želim postati more – da bih uzburkao lijene talase – da bih se sastao sa željama koje srce proriče…
Brod odlazi, polako mi iz vida izmiče…
Brod odlazi, – miješa se sa čistim vodama okeana, brod odlazi, – ostavlja želje i čežnje kroz drhtanje.
Brod odlazi, – tugujući usamljenim očima, uzbuđujući moje postojanje.
Želim postati more, – da se inspirišem slobodom, želim postati more, – da ukrasim pjesmu ljepotom.
Želim postati more… da kroz vjekove živ sam, da melodije pjevam, da u talasima spavam…

Translated to Montenegrin by Anđela Turukalo Dabetić
Dəniz, istəyim mənim

Gəmi üzür – dənizlənən dalğaları yara-yara, sakitləşən dalğalarda yata-yata.
Gəmi üzür –nərildəyən dalğalara bata-bata, görünməyən dalğalara çata-çata.
Dəniz olmaq istəyirəm, -gəmiləri seyr etməkçün…
Dəniz olmaq istəyirəm – ləpələnən dalğaları coşdurmaqçün- – ürəyimdə ləngər vuran arzulara qovuşmaqçün…
Gəmi üzür, gözlərimdən yavaş-yavaş uzaqlaşır…
Gəmi itir, – ümmanlarda saf sulara qarışaraq, gəmi itir, – duyğuların istəyini tərk edərək.
Gəmi itir, – tənhalıqdan gözlərimi yaşardaraq, həyəcandan varlığımı titrədərək.
Dəniz olmaq istəyirəm, – azadlıqdan ilham alım, dəniz olmaq istəyirəm, – gözəlliyə nəğmə qoşum.
Dəniz olmaq istəyirəm… ömürlərdə yaşamaqçün, nəğmələrdə səslənməkçün, dalğalarda uyumaqçün…

Something special about you!
I, Aliyev Ali Jafar oglu (Ali Jafaroglu), was born in 1968. I graduated from the Faculty of History of Baku State University. I am the author of 7 books. I am an academician of the International Academy of Literature, Art and Communication in Germany. I work as a leader – consultant in the education sector of Agstafa district of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
My interests include reading, traveling and playing chess. In my spare time, I am engaged in writing.
What do you think is the main problem of peace in your country? Suggest solutions to us, and how to bring and preserve peace in your country with poetry?
30 years ago, the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and the surrounding regions were occupied by Armenia, and Armenians committed genocide against our people. During the 44-day war in 2020 and as a result of the 1-day anti-terrorist operation in September 2023, our lands were freed from occupation. Azerbaijan is a peaceful state and a supporter of peace.

My Karabakh

My Karabakh – my jugular vein!

My Karabakh – my life-day, my relic that builds a nest in lifetimes, flaps its wings in centuries, and is the embodiment of magnificence!..

My Karabakh!

My nobles, who played with horses and shot swords, and lived with pride!

You are a legendary witness of my past from time to time, my Karabakh!

High snowy mountains, colorful meadows and steppes, picturesque Kondalanchay, Guruchayim, Azikh are not located in our world, you are my first cave that informs about the past, my Karabakh!

The female statue in Azikh, my striped pictures, the hanger on the wall, the single hanging shelf, my Arches with wires in my heart, my flag with the rose, you are my Karabakh!

Gargabazar – Caravanserai, Jabrayilim, Horadizim, my cultural centers, Garadagli, Bahmanli village, you are the relic of Fuzulim, my Karabakh!

Shusha Castle built by Panah Khan, which does not bow to enemies, Isa spring with weddings and feasts, Cidir hill with history lying on it, you are the mausoleum of my Vagif, my Karabakh!

You are my bridges over which caravans pass, my slopes covered with bushes, my rocks that step by step approach the oceans, my cool watery mountain rivers flowing from the valleys, my Karabakh!

Nateva’s verses, Uzeyir Ber’s music, Bulbulum’s, Khan’s voice, “Karabakh’s cripple”, Gadirim’s sigh, you are my Karabakh!

My Karabakh – my jugular vein!

My Karabakh – my life-day, my relic that builds a nest in lifetimes, flaps its wings in centuries, and is the embodiment of magnificence!..

My Karabakh!

List of the published books:
Ali Jafaroglu ‘s “My father is my happiness” in 2002, “Towards the summit” in 2003, “Doctor’s dreams” in 2006, “Spring of eighty-five years” in 2008, “Sailor’s journey” in 2013, “Wreath of Aphorisms” book was published in 2014. My seventh book “Sailor’s Journey” was published in Persian in 2019 in the city of Zanjan, the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Do you expect to win the contest?

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Mili Dueli 2023 – Fifth Round (Grand final)



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