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Nurul Hoque – Nakon moje smrti (Mili Dueli 2023 – Grand Final)

Name and surname:
Nurul Hoque 
Poem for the 4th and 5th round (Final / Grand Final): (TRANSLATION INTO MONTENEGRIN + YOUR NATIVE / ENGLISH LANGUAGE )

Možda ćeš doći nakon moje smrti
sa nestrpljivim jutarnjim povjetarcem što drobi opalo lišće.
Doći ćeš u moje dvorište
i vidjeću kroz nevidljivi prozor mog groba
kako tvoja sjena korača bez obzira na sve.
Gledaćeš iznenađenim očima
nakon moje smrti,
kako joj crveni listovi postaju zeleni.
Vidjećeš poetske puzavice mog njegovanog vrta
kako postaju oštre poput proze
prekidajući magloviti krug;
kako jutra postaju bezbojna poput udovice
i spektakularni trenuci sumraka
miješaju se sa mrakom moje mrtve i zakopane egzistencije.
Možda ćeš doći nakon moje smrti.

Translated to Montenegrin by Anđela Turukalo Dabetić

Maybe you will come after my death
In dawn’s impatient breeze crushing the falling leaves
Will come and stand in my courtyard
And I’ll see through the invisible window of my grave
How your shadows are treading without any qualms
You’ll be staring with surprised eyes
At the olive tree.

After my death
How the red leaves turn green
You will see the poetic creepers of my nurtured garden
Become raspy like a prose
Breaking the cycle of fog
How the mornings become colourless like a widow
And the spectacular moments of dusk
Blend in the darkness of my dead and buried existence
Maybe you will come after my death.

Something special about you!
Biography Of Nurul Hoque

Nurul Hoque is predominantly a poet and time-conscious rhymer, novelist and editor. His acquaintance with literature is quite wide. He is skilled at composing poems, rhymes, stories and songs. He has been working as a writer for almost three decades. He is being praised globally for his tireless work . He was elected World Laureate in Literature in 2018 by the International Organisation World Nation Writers Union, Kazakhstan . Now he is an Executive Director of Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts and Culture, Romania. He was the Editor of Odyssey International Anthology Of World Poets 2020 and Chief Coordinator of Odyssey International (Head quarter in Romania).

Poet Nurul Hoque was born on 08 March, 1965 in the District of Comilla (Village Porikot, Gunabati) of former Tripura, Bangladesh.
His father, Latu Mia was not only a down-to-earth person but also a rural social worker. His mother Mrs Ambiya Khatun who closely observed by passing more than 100 years, lived a very modest life as a house wife. Recently she left this mundane world. They are the fountain of his creativity.

Nurul Hoque has written several books among which twenty five are well known in his mother tongue, Bengali. He has been engaged in creative writings for more than 30 years. Nowadays poetry has been much developed and Nurul Hoque’s poetry is like a whiff of fresh air and it creates mind-blowing aura of its own on a variety of themes, chiefly on peace, nature, love as well as womanhood and divinity. His poetry is marked for the elegance of beauty and the intimacy of appeal. His writings focus on the importance of English for a multi-lingual world society and for the inter-cultural communication among nations; the need for value based education for the youth in the context of globalization; fostering peace, fellow-feeling, awareness of ecology, love for nature.
Nurul studied upto fifth class in a government primary school of his village. He then passed the Higher Secondary Examination with distinction from Gunabati High School. He did Diploma in Engineering Mechanical and Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (AMIE) from Swedish Bangladesh Institute of Technology, Kaptai, Bangladesh.

Poet Nurul Hoque’s educational life was full of diversity. He was sometimes a student, sometimes a ration shop worker and sometimes a manager. He ended his education by struggling . Shortly after being a Diploma Engineer, he joined Vrinel Corporation, an international construction company registered in the United States, as an Assistant Engineer in the Karnafuli Hydroelectric Unit 3 construction project. At that time, Nurul had the honour of being Mr. Kim’s assistant, the number three ranking Engineer of the world.

In 1980 after leaving the job , Nurul became an unemployee. At that time he travelled all over his country, Bangladesh. He later served as an Chartered Engineer and Project Director of many important projects including Bakhrabad Gas Pipeline Project, Chittagong Urea Fertilizer, Feni River Closure Dam, Bangladesh Railway Optical Fiber Telecom Project with world largest construction company like GEC UK, Shimuzu Construction company Japan, Taisai Construction company Japan, Toyo Engineering Japan, NKK Japan Italmontagi Pvt ltd Singapore etc.

Mr. Nurul Hoque has been writing since childhood. His literary practice did not stop even in the midst of adversity in his personal life. Besides in the first class daily, monthly, fortnightly and weekly of Bangladesh, he is regularly practicing literature in various International poetry sites and Bangladesh Television. The legendary poet Al Mahmud of Bangladesh opines that Nurul Hoque has been practicing poetry tirelessly for quite some years. His writing is full of spontaneity and it reflects time, love, nature, reality and of course global peace & harmony.

Mr. Nurul with his creation is like a baniyan tree rooted in the fertile soil watered by the rivers and spreading fresh air of peace, love, humanity and brotherhood globally. His English poetry has already attracted the readers world-wide. Mr. Nurul Hoque is a Bangladeshi citizen by birth but he is a global citizen in mind & heart and creation & expression. He is a soft and humble person as well as a great lover of the universe. His poetry has been translated in many languages i.e. Romanian, Taiwanese , Uzbek, Japanese , Spanish and Chinese.

He is an official member of World Nations Writers’ Union (Headquarters in Kazakhstan) which conferred upon his International Diploma, ‘TEMIRQAZYQ- the Best Poet-
Writer of the World, 2018 ( ).
Mr. Nurul have been invited as Chief Guest and Guest Speaker many places in South East Asia.

Poet Nurul Hoque has achieved so many International Awards for his special contribution in literature, few is given bellow: –

* World Laureate in Literature in the year 2018 from World Nations Writer Union., Kazakhstan for his lifetime Achievements.

* Odyssey International Literary Award, Romania, 2019

* Kafla International literary Award India. 2018

* Gujarat Sahitya Academy awarded to Mr.Nurul Hoque On The Occasion Of India’s 74th Independence Day, For Showing Literary Excellence At Par With Global Standards.

* Mr. Nurul have been nominated as the National Director for Bangladesh Chapter in Global Peace Councils (UK & India ), World Wide Organization of Human Rights And Anti Corruption in 2019

* Yasser Arafat International Peace Award 2019 , Palestine is the most enriched achievement in his career.

Presented an International Award PARAGON OF HOPE To Mr.Nurul Hoque (Bangladesh ) In recognition of his outstanding contribution in the world literature and employing it as a tool to create peace and harmony among the peoples. Dated July 05, 2020

He is the Editor of monthly periodicals, Amader Buriganga, which is published from Dhaka almost regularly and he is the Founder Chairman of Buriganga Foundation Bangladesh. Nurul wrote many books both in Bengali and English. Some of them are remarkable.

Some of His books in Bengali are –

1. Jora patar shoko gatha (Poems)
2. Nishither podaboli(Poems)
3. Doly Mon shonkay (Poems)
4. Aloukik Ondhokar(Poems)
5. Jol pori Nil pori (Rhymes)
6. kanday porbot kanday bristy (poems)
7. Chinnovinno pongthimala (Poems)
8. Sonnet Gucca (Poems)
9. Amakey khondito kore (Poems)
10. Ek Muthu Chaya (Poems)
11. Chander Chokey Jol (Rhymes)
12. Vhorer Choke Putche Pul(Rhymes)
13. Dughobati Joler Nodi (Poems)
14. Nirbachito 100 kobita (Poems)
15. Barae Uthi (Poems)
16. Bristly Vejaa Batasera (poem)
17. Pahari Konnar Upakhan ( Novel)
18. Ghumer Prithibi Jurey Rath( Poem )
19. Bristi Bheja Batashera( Poem )
20. A Desh Amar Lal Sobuje Anka (Rhymes)

His English Poetry books:

1. Pain Of Innocence
2. What Do You Need
3. The Images Of Reflected Lines

Edited International Anthology:
1. Odyssey International Anthology Of World Poets

What do you think is the main problem of peace in your country? Suggest solutions to us, and how to bring and preserve peace in your country with poetry?
The political situation of my country is very bad. Rolling government are continuously tortured peoples those who not support his militant activities. Peoples have no right to apply their votes which they want. Law and force department judicial Department are controlled by the ruling government. Usually we are facing judicial killing. We cannot write anything against the government aur we have no right to explain anything in black and white. Only free fair and participatory election is only the solution to established peace in my country.
List of the published books:
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The Creativity of Nurul Hoque

Nurul Hoque: An International Poet Laureate, Metaphorical Lyricist.

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