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Hi, Nermin! I want to tell you something. Some time ago, one person who didn’t understand my passion for writing and didn’t love books told me that writing was very stupid (so this make me stupid also) and nothing good happen for me in the future. But I didn’t stop writing. Every day. Over and over again. Last night, when I saw the results I cried. No, this is not drama. There were tears of happiness. I realized that this is really my way. I have a lot of interests and pursuits in the life, but writing what makes me dream the most. I want to tell you BIG “THANK YOU” for voting for me. I saw your comment and it’s amazing to hear this from successful person like you. I know may not get to the next round and fall out. I know also i can continue. But in either case I’ll be happy, because I got here. And I know I’m on the right way. I strongly believe that when one person feels that he or she has a talent at stake, should not leave him locked in himself. Only then – through action and constancy can he achieve whatever he wants. I appreciate the time and effort that you and the other members of the jury, as organizers, put in for everyone of us. I’m happy. Thanks a lot, Nermin! 🙏🙏

Rolanda Stefanov a. Maktuba, 1992.,🇧🇬 Bulgaria (Kubrat): Utisak poslije prolaska u Treći krug Mili Dueli 2019


First of all, let me say something. When I applied to this contest, I only had two or three poems in English, and beside all I didn’t even have that competitive spirit. Once my professor said me I will be a great poet in the future, but I never believed that people can base their life in something that not everyone appreciate. But now I know they can’t, they just can make it more meaningful by following their passions. Now, this is getting important to me, not because of votes and marks, but because I want to proof to myself how stable can I be in something I’m talented. And because of you I’m back to writing, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Sarah Isufi, 1994.,🇦🇱 Albanija (Kavajë): Utisak poslije prolaska u Treći krug Mili Dueli 2019


Dragi Nermine, jedno veliko hvala. Spoznao si nešto u mom tekstu i pružio mi šansu, besprijekorno sam ti na tom zahvalna. Znam da mi je pravopis slabija strana. Kada sam imala nepunih deset godina otišla sam iz Bosne i nisam imala priliku učiti. Potrudit ću se da vježbam više i usavršavam. Moj problem možda leži i u tom što pišem u trenutku bez razmišljanja i stavljam na papir, ali večeras čitajuci tvoju kritiku upućenu meni sam porasla za jedan stepen; uvažavam sve tvoje riječi, jer bez kritike nema ni napretka.

Sanja Sinanović,1980.,🇸🇪 Švedska (Jönköping), Utisak poslije prolaska u Treći krug Mili Dueli 2019