Mili Dueli 2023 Poezija

Abednego Majok – Pojedi tu žabu (Mili Dueli 2023 – Grand Final)

Name and surname:
Abednego majok
Poem for the 4th and 5th round (Final / Grand Final): (TRANSLATION INTO MONTENEGRIN + YOUR NATIVE / ENGLISH LANGUAGE )

Pojedi tu žabu i postani uspješan
Oh, nikada te neće povrijediti

Oh, braćo i sestre
pojedite tu žabu, imaćete mir, slobodu i polet
nakon što je pojedete

Oh, mudri ljudi i žene
Sveznajući ljudi ovog svijeta! Uspješni su oni koji jedu žabe i prate svoje snove.

Translated to Montenegrin by Anđela Turukalo Dabetić


Eat that frog and be successful
Oh it will never hurt you

Oh my brothers and sisters
eat that frog, you will have peace, liberty and freedom
after eating that

Oh wise men and women
people who are fill with knowledge in this world ! successful are types that eat frog and fellow their dreams

Something special about you!
Am by the name of Abednego majok
from south Sudan
Age 27
my profession is football Referees also looking forward to add to be call lawyer in some few years
am still a student go to university
I like music mostly Gospel song , sport, reading, writing,
most unusual thing about me am man of few words work hard in my life to change.
What do you think is the main problem of peace in your country? Suggest solutions to us, and how to bring and preserve peace in your country with poetry?
the main problem of peace my country is what we call brothership what I mean here is that in my country people are selfish to work unity of the people
lack of good education system in my country
my solution on the problem
is to educate people of my country about what is call humanity love
to educate youth on how to change negative thinking about learn how to read and write
poetry is short but open your mind
List of the published books:
No book
Do you expect to win the contest?


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Mili Dueli 2023 – Fifth Round (Grand final)



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