Konkurs "Mili Dueli 2019" Mili Dueli 2023 Poezija

Apatsa PSALMz – Odjeci Afrike (Mili Dueli 2023 – Grand Final)

Name and surname:
Samson Apatsa Banda
Poem for the 4th and 5th round (Final / Grand Final): (TRANSLATION INTO MONTENEGRIN + YOUR NATIVE / ENGLISH LANGUAGE )

Afriko, ustani
Uspravi se iz pepela tlačenja
Otpusti plemenske granice
Lanac tvog uma
Njeguj ljubaznost i dobrotu
Teži živom oslobođenju
Nema više ropstva i kaveza
Afriko, ustani, ti si slobodna

Jedan je gospodar
Drugi je sluga
U slavama civilizacije
O našoj sudbini smo saznali
U potrazi za slobodom
Živjesmo sa inferiornim kompleksom
Ustali smo da bismo se za prava borili

Crni čovjek i njegova duša
Jači su i obnovljeni
Mphambe vodi na moćnom putu
Tako dugo na dugom putu
Vrijeme otkuca do prelijepog krvavog izlaska sunca
Nova je zora

Ustani, kažem, Afriko, ustani
Drijemež je dugo trajao
Kairo do Vindhuka
Harare do Niamey
Lilongve do Tripolija
Nema suza da teku niz obraze
Put je ovdje
Čist za paradu vječne slobode

Afriko, ustani, kažem, Afriko, ustani

Translated to Montenegrin by Anđela Turukalo Dabetić

Africa rise
Rise from the ashes of oppression
Loose the tribal borders
The chains in your minds
Cultivate courtesy and kindness
Pursue living liberation
No more enslaved and caged
You are free Africa rise

One a master
The other a servant
In the glories of civilization
We learned of our plight
In the quest to be free
Living with an inferiority complex
We rose to fight for every right

Blackman and his soul
Stronger and revived
Mphambe leading the mighty way
For so long on a long way
Time ticked to a beautiful bloody sunrise
A new dawn

Rise i say Africa rise
The slumber is long overdue
Cairo to Windhoek
Harare to Niamey
Lilongwe to Tripoli
No tear drops running on your cheeks
The way is here
Clear for a parade of eternal freedom

Africa Rise I Say Africa Rise

Something special about you!
Apatsa PSALMz, real Samson Apatsa Banda is a 33 year old poet, currently working as a primary school teacher and also a fourth year student studying at Nkhoma University in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe. My hobbies include writing, playing football and listening to all kinds of music. I have a twin brother who is also an artist and am also involved in music with Divine Muzik Team, a Christian rap group.
What do you think is the main problem of peace in your country? Suggest solutions to us, and how to bring and preserve peace in your country with poetry?
I think here we can talk of tribalism and political affiliations. With about 100 ethnic groups, Malawi tends to be divided over strongholds of political influence and nepotism. I believe the country needs to put in place more viable sensitization and civic education procedures to educate the masses on how we all can live together in harmony and ensure merit is the key to securing opportunities for jobs and education.
List of the published books:
Do you expect to win the contest?

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Mili Dueli 2023 – Fifth Round (Grand final)



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