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Abbah Justina – Šta ako sam Nigerijka? (Mili Dueli 2023 – Grand Final)

Name and surname:
Abbah Justina
Poem for the 4th and 5th round (Final / Grand Final): (TRANSLATION INTO MONTENEGRIN + YOUR NATIVE / ENGLISH LANGUAGE )
Šta ako sam Nigerijka?

Šta ako sam Nigerijka?
Zar se ne bih isticala
među tronom
generacije, sjajna i hrabra,
ponosna što sam div

Šta ako sam Nigerijka?
Zar ne bih trebala samopouzdano
govoriti o raznovrsnim jezicima
i divnim kulturama?

Šta ako sam Nigerijka?
Zar nisam ta da spremno potonem
u mudrost istorije
naših predaka koji su
se marljivo znali boriti
za slobodu našeg kraljevstva?

Da! Ja sam ta Nigerijka
koja je blagoslovena
krilima super orla,
što nosi oklop pravde
Ja sam ta vizionarska Nigerijka
koja simbolizuje jedinstvo
i zrači vjerom,
mirom i napretkom.

Translated to Montenegrin by Anđela Turukalo Dabetić
Name : Abbah Justina
Country : Nigeria

Topic :What if I am a Nigerian?

What if I am a Nigerian
Would I not stand out
Among the throne of
my peer, bright and bold,
Proud that I am a giant
of Africa?

What if I am a Nigerian
Should I not confidently
Speak our diverse languages
And it’s wonderful cultures?

What if I am a Nigerian
Am I not to willingly sink
Into the wisdom of history
Of our forefathers who
Diligently fought for the
Freedom of our kingdom?

Yes! I am that Nigerian
Who is blessed with
The wings of super Eagle ,
Bearing armour of justice
I am that visionary Nigerian
Who symbolises unity
And radiates faith
,peace and progress.


Something special about you!
Sometimes I like quite time alone, I love writing, reciting pones, I love singing and I also like traveling too. Currently searching for a job. I see myself as a Rose
What do you think is the main problem of peace in your country? Suggest solutions to us, and how to bring and preserve peace in your country with poetry?

In the city
Where the
stars are
not allowed
to shine,
All there is

In a sphere
Where the
Warmth from
the golden sun
Is snatched,
All that’s left
is stone cold.

In the land
Where the
moon is not

In a nation
Where leaders
have sold their
Followers will
Rise and stand
For themselves
On forceful ground.

Reformation is the
song of today
Humming bring back
the justice of yesterday
To safeguard our tomorrow.

Love for humanity
Will heal the society
And rebuild her integrity.


List of the published books:

Co- https://www.amazon.com/Fables-poems-Favole-poesie-Italian/dp/3753125423/ref=mp_s_a_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=marco+marengo&qid=1608306116&sr=8-12

Co- author of Hera The Light of Women

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Mili Dueli 2023 – Fifth Round (Grand final)



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